Arlington International Tickets & Reservations - September 2014

Ticket Information:

 Please click on your desired date to purchase tickets.  After selecting your desired date, you will be instructed to complete your order, including selecting seat location, ticket quantity, and any additional details desired to enhance your Arlington Experience.

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Date Time Event Date Time Event
9/1/14 1 PM
Labor Day
1 PM Value Day
9/4/14 1 PM Value Day
9/19/14 1 PM  
9/5/14 1 PM
9/20/14 1 PM
9/6/14 1 PM Binny's Taste at the Track
9/21/14 1 PM
9/7/14 1 PM
9/25/14 1 PM Value Day
9/11/14 1 PM Value Day
9/26/14 1 PM
9/12/14 1 PM
9/27/14 1 PM
9/13/14 1 PM Septemberfest 9/28/14 1 PM Closing Day
9/14/14 1 PM
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2014 Arlington International Stakes Schedule
Promotional Highlights:

Though the kids are heading back to school and there might be hints of autumn peeking through, Arlington is still racing through the month of September.  Join us for Binny’s Taste at the Track and Septemberfest to shake up your September and enjoy the last days of summer!

AIRC Information:

Arlington International Racecourse

2200 West Euclid Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60006

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Carry-In Policy:

The Arlington International Guest Services Policy outlines what guests may and may not bring into the venue, including specific guidelinesas it pertains to outside food and beverage. The policy balances our guest’s safety, comfort and overall experience while at the track.Please review the policy and plan accordingly. All items brought through Admission Gates are subject to inspection. To expedite entrance into the facility, guests are encouraged to arrive at the gates early and have your bags and coolers ready for inspection.

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Weather Policy:

Arlington International Racecourse races rain or shine.  Please take this into consideration when booking your event.  We will not issue any refunds or allow date changes due to inclement weather.