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From 05/03/2013 To 09/29/2013

2013 Meet Leading Owners FINAL STANDINGS

Midwest Thoroughbreds (Richard and Karen Papiese)1133118122754$699,318
William Stiritz1041613121539$435,913
Sugar Daddy Stable (Leo Rodriguez)5414592652$148,484
Richard Ravin4514453151$197,630
Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Ramsey39131223369$1,456,717
Team Block (David, Patricia and Ryan Block)88121691442$580,925
Louie J. Roussel, III57121092154$219,465
Gary and Mary West3911852862$315,147
Doubledown Stables, Inc. (Richard Templer)3410632956$221,999
Hondo Ranch, Inc. (Frank J. and Sharon N. Kirby)5691081648$238,130
Dare To Dream Stable LLC (Michael and Allen Faber)439682153$117,751
Glockenburg LLC (Vladamir Kazakov)778541022$161,630
Silver Wing Stable (John Gerbas, Jr., et al)268443162$75,820
Shamrock Hill Farm (William Stringfellow)3678101969$132,951
Arapaho LLC (Joe and Jacquelyn Cochonour and Don Cochonour)167504475$208,740
Patricia's Hope LLC (Vince Foglia)327442247$118,206
Hernandez Racing Club (Salvador Hernandez)237143052$272,741
Ballybrit Stable, LLC (Alan Lustig)5761091144$107,255
Gary and Beth Leverton356351740$184,720
Wendell Yates and Tim Leary86007575$83,410
Richard Perkins485961042$141,315
Ike and Dawn Thrash235662274$136,062
Asiel Stable (Richard and Gail Radke)445631132$142,125
Terry Bruner205432560$131,820
Mongolian Stable LLC (Dagvadorj Ganbaatar)225232345$143,721
Dean E. Pantaleo155223360$68,570
Stone Farm (Arthur Hancock, III)194712163$145,357
Savoy Stable LLC (John Santina)184502250$90,980
Windy Hill Farm (Peter and Peter Scott Reiman)404431028$152,483
Ruman Stable (Kathleen Manhatton)274431541$91,535
Larry Rivelli214361962$75,900
Shadwell Stable (Rick Nichols)374351132$349,210
Dario Vega284331436$74,190
Cheryl Magana144322964$58,555
J B Stables, Inc. (Jake Bryant)194222142$73,354
Richard Ravin and Patricia's Hope LLC (Vince Foglia)154222753$89,700
Ken Sentel and Chris Dorris94224489$84,020
Our Blue Streaks Stable (Neil Galvin) and Larry Rivelli741257100$37,500
Charles J. Sigrist and Del Sol Farm LLC (Moises R. and K.C. Yanez)204112030$107,209
William R. Kelly641167100$123,360
Jay and Joan Janssen, Diamond Racing (L. Gabriel), Volunteer Racing (P. Doerter), and Four Star Thunder Run (J. Habisreightinger)541080100$74,600
Oak Knoll Farm (Thomas Michael Fitch) and Del Sol Farm LLC (Moises R. and K. C. Yanez)184022233$80,340
Peter J. Karahalios84025075$70,213
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